Bid. Win. Enjoy! That is what Florida Vacation Auction™ is all about. We make planning your next Sunshine State getaway easy, and isn't that what vacations should be?

Your Choice, Your Way


You have the opportunity to bid on our weekly auctions that close at 10 PM EST on Sundays based on location, vacation amenities such as golf, spa facilities, area attractions and price. Bidders can save as much as 80% for their Florida vacations at we start the opening bid at 20% of the offer's retail value. Our winning bidders average savings of more than 50%, so trying your hand at an auction is a great way to save.

Registration is free and simple. Click here. Prior to bidding, your credit card must be authenticated. A $10.00 authorization hold will be placed on the credit card you choose for each specific auction, and you can use a different card for each auction you bid on. For your security and protection, we do not store credit card information other than that required for a specific auction you are bidding on and it is removed from our system once that auction closes. Whether you win that auction or not, the $10.00 will be released upon the auction closing and you should see it released or credited back on your statement within 3 days, subject to the credit card issuer.

Bids are placed in $5 increments. When you place a bid by entering the amount in the Starting Bid field, that amount will automatically be entered in the Maximum Bid field. If you are outbid, you will receive an email alert with a link back to that auction, providing you the opportunity to place another bid. You can also bid on a budget, by entering a higher amount in the Maximum Bid field - in increments of $10 as the next bid higher than your Starting Bid will be $5 higher than your bid, so your counter bid would need to be $5 higher, so it is best to always enter a range in $10 increments when bidding on a budget. And if you elect this method of bidding, our system will automatically enter your next bid if your are outbid, and will never exceed your Maximum Bid amount.

Being a winner is easy! Auction winners receive an email with a link to travel voucher Adobe PDF worth the value of their bid, including any taxes. If your winning bid is $200.00, you will only be charged $200.00 as we do not add any additional costs or handling fees! Certain advertisers that offer private homes or condominiums may have additional charges such as cleaning fees, and some hotels do have resort or parking fee, which will be clearly identified in the auction listings. And, a hard copy of the travel voucher may also be sent via the US Mail at the close of business after the auction closes.

All winning bids are automatically charged at the close of the auction to the registered credit card used for the specific auction. Florida Vacation Auction only accepts credit cards as payment. Travel vouchers are redeemable for a minimum of 90 days. Individual advertisers, not Florida Vacation Auction, determine the redemption dates for any winning auction voucher. When bidding on specific auctions, bidders are accepting the terms and conditions for that specific auction. Al l reservations that require reference and redemption of the Florida Vacation Auction voucher are booked direct with the hotel or resort. Florida Vacation Auction attraction ticket vouchers are redeemable at the advertiser's box office. Attraction tickets may be mailed with the Florida Vacation Auction voucher which is subject to the advertiser's option. Florida Vacation Auction vouchers have defined redemption dates per advertiser, and are non-transferrable. Any extensions to the redemption dates or transferring to a third party are at the discretion of the supplier or advertiser.

Buying Direct

For those not wanting to participate in the auction process, you can book your Florida hotel, resort and attractions from our advertiser’s special Buy Direct offers. These special offers are part of every advertiser's offer during each of their four week listings, and no registration is required. All you need to do is click on the Buy Direct button or text link below our chat box that lists the Buy Direct From price and a new window will open directly to the advertiser's website so you shop the best available rates and special offers from Florida's best hotels, resorts and area attractions! This is also the preferred method if your vacation plans require specific dates as our auction vouchers are subject to availability on a date range.

What are you waiting for?

No matter which option you choose for your next Florida escape; bidding on a hotel, resort and attractions where vacationers can save up to 80% or buying direct from our advertiser’s special promotions, Florida Vacation Auction is the best way to plan your Florida holiday! It’s easy, fun and the smartest way to purchase your next trip to paradise. Bid. Win. Enjoy!
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